Amparo Arróspide: “Still life”


Translated by Bradley Adler, Lucy Quinn and Tori Thompson (University of Leeds). Read and edited by Robin Ouzman Hislop

still life


I saw a still life

with my own eyes;

inanimate, dead,

smiling at me from the wall

and the table

and from the depths of my being.

Then I wanted to run my fingers over her body

and give her life with only a touch

and give her blood with only a look

so that she can love

and love me

as I watched her, lonely.



Leído por la autora


Yo vi la naturaleza sin vida

con mis ojos;

inanimada, muerta,

sonriéndome desde la pared

y la mesa

y desde el fondo de mi ser.

Entonces quise pasar mis dedos por su cuerpo

y con solo tocarla darle vida

y con solo mirarla darle sangre

para que pueda amar

y amarme a mí

que la observaba, solitaria.


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